Brand Central

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Brand Central is the tool that manages online media campaigns from A to Z. It's a one stop-shop platform for marketing managers and clients, advertising agencies and creative directors, media planners and media buying agencies, and media portals. With more than 35% market share, Brand Central has become the 3rd party certified approval tracking and management system for online media buying in the Middle East and beyond. Brand Central has incorporated two key ideas in its functionality that has made it the single most successful online media platform in the Middle East:

Firstly, it's an online tracking approval system that provides 3rd party independent approved statistics on interactive media campaigns. It empowers companies to better plan, manage, deliver, analyze and optimize their marketing initiatives and customer relationships in order to improve ROI and competitive advantage.

Secondly, it is one centralized tool for all parties involved: A client will receive one consolidated tracking report instead of multiple; the creative director has one central system to manage campaign creative; the media planner and buyer has one central username and password for all client campaigns and media portals; and the media portal itself uses the same system to monitor campaigns in real time, even if multiple agencies and clients are involved.

So the two key benefits of Brand Central are centralization and 3rd party tracking verification - but is that it? Not at all! Beyond that, Brand Central is a flexible platform that caters for:

- Campaign planning and a structured approach to media buying is one of the most used functionalities within 'Brand Central'. Media planners are supported with post campaign results and an overview of all relevant media portals at their finger tips

- Media distribution of invocation codes to media portals is automated via an integrated email interface

- Real time client reporting: Don't wait for your agency to send you campaign reports - get them whenever you need them! Campaign success is monitored 24/7 and in real time

- Campaign optimization: Improve your ROI by optimizing current campaigns while they are live
- Marketing analysis: For multi-channel marketers who need to accurately track customer behavior across channels, by segments, and over time

- Creative library: Nothing is lost as all media assets are centrally available in one place. The dream of every creative director!

- Independent: Technical platform that supports Windows and Macintosh, Netscape and Internet Explorer

- Support of contextual ads: Ever bothered about your competitor's super banner next to your own corporate press release? Contextual advertising can show ads targeted to a site's content

- Brand Central works seamlessly with our out-of-the-box advertising products such as E-Blasters, Space Banners and broadband video ads, and of course with all recognized industry standards as well