Flip Cast

Price: $7,000.00
It's a little known fact, Normie boy, that television as we know it was invented by a 14 year old farm boy from Utah named Philo T. Farnsworth. But it's true. In the summer of 1921, at the age of 14, while plowing a field near Rigby Idaho, 14-year-old Philo T. Farnsworth was struck with an inspiration that is still with us today….

Moving pictures have always had a global attention and have united consumers all over the world. TV is the crème category of all advertising awards and seen as the Gucci disciplines amongst all creative directors. Until recently, TV advertising and broadcasting was treated as an ATL initiative and traditional marketing channel - off limits of the Internet.

In 2002, Flip Media together with AME Info, the Middle East’s ultimate business resource, pioneered and launched ‘Flip Cast’ which is the region’s first streaming broadband video platform for the Internet. From only a few users at that time, ‘Flip Cast’ has gained significant market penetration with more than 100,000 loyal users watching over 500 video stories, interviews and featured events each month.

The key differentiation of ‘Flip Cast’ to all other players is its platform and browser independency, combined with the high penetration of Flash as the main plug-in used: Macromedia Flash 6 players have so far reached 97% market penetration and the latest version 7 has succeeded with 73% market share globally, compared to Windows Media Player (64%), 53% of Apple QuickTime and 58% of Real Player.

So how does it work? Very simple: Just press ‘PLAY’ and the video will play! No waiting, no browser freeze, no interrupted sound. ‘Flip Cast’ provides the best possible video streaming experience on the web and its built in TV ad server can even deliver real television advertising commercials to your target consumer – via the net!

‘Flip Cast’ is built on the widely available Macromedia Flash technology, meaning that more people can see video content and streaming TV ads using our product than with any other plug-in available

We stream according to the end users Internet connection in low, mid and high bandwidth, reducing buffering time and providing the best experience

Full screen modus for encoded video clips and television ads

‘Send video to a friend’ feature which uses ‘Flip Cast’ and our revolutionary Video Email product together

Comprehensive video library with advanced search options

Integrated RSS news feed reader which adds news text and any other channel information to your video content

Full ad server support and integration into ‘Brand Central’ for TV ad reporting
‘Flip Cast’ is trusted by regional and international clients such as British Airways, CNN, Cisco, Daimler Chrysler, Dubai E-Government, Emirates Holidays, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hilton International, meBANK, Shell and many others