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GSM Car Alarm System

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Forget to turn alarm on?
No Problem. Just Call GSM Alarm to turn it on/off. Alarm autodials up to 3 telephone numbers.

Alarm Sounds?
Hear/Talk into CAR! Better yet, immobilise the engine. Remote Management - This alarm allows you to manage your car with JUST A TOUCH of a Cell phone Key.
This is more than an alarm its a full management system

-Siren to make the noise
-It calls you when activated
-You can call it
-You can switch on and off a device in the car
-You can listen in for voices
-You can talk into the car
-If you forget to put your alarm on all you need to do is give it a call and switch it on
-If someone manages to steal it you can immobilise it buy cutting of the fuel or ignition
-You can track it using one of the services below

Everything is included in this system

-Central locking adaptor
-Engine start, start you engine from the house so its warm before you get in(cant be driven away)
-Battery back up
-Dial keypad for making hands free calls
-All the features are done using your mobile or regular telephone, simply give you alarm a call and follow the voice prompt, it also come with a regular transimiter for arming and disarming the system

SIM card for alarm is not inlcuded - you can get one from your mobile phone provider. The dial keypad is like the numbers on your phone so you can use the gsm car alarm like a hands free phone using the microphone and speaker just as long as you have credit on your SIM card. Other systems on the market are very expensive, or require you to plug in your mobile phone , this system doesnt,, its all built into the unit, they are also very easy to install although if you have not any auto electrical wiring experience i would advise you get an auto electrician to install it for you

GSM car alarm system

-Unique double reminder
-2 remote keyfods
-Vibration + door light sensor for triggering the alarm
-Completely automatic operation
-Remote+auto open/close car doors
-Remote engine start
-Remote monitoring
-Listen and talk into car through your phone
-Remote alert/oil cut-off/power off /voice warning
-Remote stop car to preventing robbery
-Hidden -alert switch/alert quietly
-Car positioning
-Hands free dial keypad
-Battery back-up

Please note you do not need to plug your mobile into this alarm or you dont have to buy a mobile to plug into it ,, its all built into the main unit,, you put a SIM card into the GSM alarm main brain just like a mobile

THIS GSM CAR ALARM SYSTEM WORKS ON THE MOBILE Wireless frequency format 900/1800/1900 Mhz