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Rhodiola Rosea Extract

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We are one of the leading manufacturer of plant extracts,herb extracts and botanical extracts in China. We can supply all kinds of standardized extracts and ratioed extracts.
Now we can supply the Rhodiola Rosea Extract with the following specification:
Salidroside 1-8% Min (HPLC)
Rosavin 1-10% Min (HPLC)
Rosavins 1-30% Min (HPLC)
Rhodiola rosea is a legendary adaptogenic tonifier that comes from the polar Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia. Also known as Golden Root or Arctic Root, rhodiola was highly valued by traditional Arctic tribes as a strengthening tonic to increase physical and mental stamina. Widely used by Russian athletes especially, Rhodiola supports the nervous system and helps to boost mental function by increasing blood-supply to the brain. Furthermore, Rhodiola appears to possess anti-depressant properties.
Rhodiola is an adaptogen, it increases energy, is cardio-protective, and helps to normalize heart rate after intense exertion. In research study, Rhodiola rosea extract was examined for its effects on the pattern of stress-induced cardiac damage, as measured by an accumulation of certain enzymes in the heart. Rhodiola rosea helped to prevent stress-induced cardiac damage. Specifically, the extract helped to prevent stress-induced release of proteins, and inhibited higher enzyme levels, both of which can damage heart tissue. These findings demonstrate stress-inhibiting and cardioprotective benefits of Rhodiola rosea.

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