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Cummins Electric Governor 3044196

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a leading manufacturer and exporter of Pintle Nozzle,which made by topping - machining equipments from Italy and West Europe perform key processing of the injection nozzles. The high performance and reliability are in leading level of the same kind products and praised greatly by customers at home.

Applications: S and P series long shape multi - hole and pintle nozzles are used for diesel engines with cylinder diameters ranging from 65mm- 135mm.

Pintle type - Used on indirect injection diesel engines, pintle nozzles can have either long or short bodies depending on cylinder head design for Indirect Injection (IDI) Engines with follow characters::

1.Produce a single spray plume that is tailored to match pre-combustion chamber or swirl chamber characteristics
2.Long and short stem types available
3.Long stem pintle nozzle offers reduced coking and better dynamic performance
4.Optional pintaux (pintle or auxiliary) hole produces high-velocity spray at a low injection rate for improved cold starting and reduced engine knock at idling

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