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My Bingo

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My Bingo is the only PC Based Bingo system designed and built for all types of BINGO games. My Bingo provides you with everything you need to host a complete bingo game right from your PC.

Incorporating a RANDOM call engine, full card creation capabilities and winning card verification, My Bingo has it all. Look at this list of features:

Classic Bingo - Enjoy good ol' Bingo just like being at the Bingo Hall.
Picture Bingo - Play and Create any variation of Bingo you would like.
Clear Easy to SEE interface
Built in Random Call engine - Utilizing one of the most advanced random generators in existence today, no two game will ever be alike.
Built in "Caller" - Using the latest text to speech technology built into your PC, My Bingo can call any call, ever the ones you design.
Large Call display - Extremely impressive on a large screen or projector, but clear and readable from a distance even on 15 inch monitors.
Call History - every game, Classic or Picture has a complete call history right on the screen during game play.
Game Creator - The MOST loved part of My Bingo. Create any type of Bingo Game you can imagine. Word, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Pictures, Baby shower, Wedding, Going Away, vacation, family trees, classmates, any combination you can think of.
Pattern Creator - To make it possible to never play the same game twice, My Bingo incorporates a Bingo Pattern builder allowing you to specify any pattern and save it for future use with any game.
Card Verification - The card verification system will even work with the patterns and game. Validate any My Bingo generated card against any game and pattern selected.
Pre-packaged Game Packs - My Bingo ships with a variety of Game Packs for Picture Bingo, which includes Beginner Words, Kindergarden Images, Addition, Subtraction and MORE!
Free Game Packs - As more Game Packs are developed, they will be released for FREE download.
User Forums - A place to share your Game Packs, experiences or general user conversation.