Advertising Balloons

1-800-GREAT AD specializes in all types of Advertising Balloons. Whether you are looking for a standard helium blimp, inflatable product replica or a custom shaped balloon with your logo, rest assured we are the specialists! Below are just a few of the various types of advertising balloons we offer. If you are interested in any one of our advertising balloons simply call us at 1-800-GREAT-AD.

Increase Sales - Retailers who use inflatable advertising balloons are consistently exceeding a 20% - 30% rise in foot traffic.

Create Awareness - Everyone will be looking! It is virtually impossible to miss our giant inflatables, leading to quicker penetration of local markets and instant recognition for grand openings, sales and special events.

Generate Excitement - Our giant inflatable advertising balloons let passers by know there is something big going on at your location. These inflatable balloons create positive energy though word of mouth and lasting impression beyond the advertising campaign.

Brand Recognition - Whether you are using a giant inflatable replica of your product or a standard hot air shaped advertising balloon, your corporate /brand image will be in the spotlight creating a greater awareness and recall.

People Passing BUY - No one is more likely to use your business than those who pass by. Don't let customers pass you by!

Recall - Positive impressions last and create customers long after the event is over.

Sheer Numbers - Traffic counts for freeways, intersections and major streets in the U.S. are staggering. Each person passing by is a potential customer for your business. Our outdoor advertising balloons are less than pennies per impression.

Competitive Edge - With the advent of Internet technology and mail order catalogs. Retailers are fighting for market share more than ever. You need to "Do Something Big" to attract attention to your retail site.

Proven, It Works - Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies are making giant inflatable advertising balloons an integral part of their marketing and advertising strategy!