Capri 15' Round 54" Resin Pool with 8" Toprail with 25-ga. Rolling Rock Uni-bead Liner (NL930225)

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Capri Above Ground Pools
Beautiful and contemporary style combined with high-tech materials and designs to make the Capri the finest above-ground pool on the market today. Designed and manufactured by one of the world's leading above ground pool manufacturer, this pool will provide many years of family fun. Resin above ground pools like the Capri are an improvement on the traditional steel wall pool. They incorporate unsurpassed beauty and strength in a corrosion-proof pool structure. If you want the ultimate in quality and style for your family, invest in Capri's premium features:
HIGH TECH DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - Capri above ground pools are constructed of advanced resin and composite materials that make the structure (top rails and uprights) super strong and also impervious to corrosion. From the internal ribbing in the top seat to the double lock system around the base of the pool, the Capri is designed for rugged durability and many years of family fun. And, as an added bonus, the beautifully designed top rail and decorative seat cap give the Capri its designer good looks. Capri above ground pools are designed to assemble quickly and easily by do-it-yourselfers. An installation DVD and manual are included with each pool.
100% CORROSION RESISTANT - The Capri top rails and uprights are made of entirely non-corroding resin. Neither mid-summer sun nor driving rain and ice can cause these members to corrode as they can with a steel pool. Because resin is non-corroding by its very nature, there are no coatings to apply that can eventually chip, crack, or fail. Our Capri pool gives you the designer beauty that resin affords, plus the added benefit of a corrosion-proof structure that will outlast any steel pool available.
EASY INSTALLATION - Invest in our premium Capri pool this spring and get in on the family fun. Our pools are sold with a top quality 25-gauge J-hook/uni-bead pool liner (with the Rolling Rock designer pattern), widemouth pool skimmer, and return fitting. They are backed by a 60-Year Limited Warranty.