AmeriGlide Stair Lifts

AmeriGlide Full Platform Power Wheelchair Lift and Battery

This is an external vehicle wheelchair lift.

It can be attached to a class 2 or class 3 hitch, but to utilize its full 350 pound lifting capacity, it needs to be attached to a class 3 hitch. Otherwise, when attached to a class 2 hitch, it can only lift up to 190 pounds.

This lift is easy to use and uses a battery pack, so there is no need to worry about wiring. It also offers a manual override that can be used.

While this lift is designed for power wheelchairs, there are also models available for electric mobility scooters.
Designed For Electric Power Wheelchairs
Lifting Capacity Class 2 Hitch - 190 Pounds
Lifting Capacity Class 3 Hitch - 350 Pounds
Platform Automatically folds up when not in use