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Price: $3,000.00
We can supply the Gardenoside with the following specification:

Gardenoside 20-98% Min (HPLC)

It can be used for hyperpyrexia, nasal hemorrhage, haematemesis, conjunctivitis,
infectious hepatitis with jaundice, favism, hematuria, traumatic bleeding, sprain and
contusion, and so on .
Its major pharmacological action is enhancing the liver functions. It can increase the activity of hepatic uridine Diphosphate-glucose dehydrogenase (HUDGD). In animals with ligated common bile Duct, the extract lowered the abnormally elevated AST and increased the activity Of HUDGD. It can also prevent the elevation of ALT and AST caused by CCl4 intoxication.
It has cholagogic and choleretic actions and can increase bile secretion.
It addition, it also enhances the metabolism of bilirubin.

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