Carbide Processors

LongLife Saw Blades

Advanced Material and Innovation in Tooling Combine to make a better Saw Blade:
Our advanced Cermet II material and the finest Saw plate double tensioned to ensure the flatest structure combine to create a truly superior Saw Blade. Our LongLife Saw Blades are truly unique. They are tipped with a special Cermett II material that is both more wear resistant and tougher than Carbide. These special tips stay cooler and sharper longer, yielding a faster feed speed, and more time between sharpening. They have been tested over and over to ensure their exceptional performance is consistent. LongLife Saw Blades have proven to be a superior tool both in the lab, and in the workshop. See charts and data of their performance compared to carbide in the Scientific Forintek review, and Customer Testimonials at