Tenrox Project Planning Software

Project planning is an essential component of project management software focused on detailed scheduling of tasks and resource assignments.
Your workforce today is decentralized, globalized, and project-oriented. Whether the work you’re tracking is billable or not, internal or external, you are dealing with what Tenrox calls the project workforce.

Easy to use; intentionally lacks any complex features
Quick implementation; light application that takes a few minutes to setup
Totally Web-based; Server managed with no client installation or maintenance required
Flexible delivery model; Choose between on-demand project management and on-premise
Open standards; Project plans are easily interchangeable with Microsoft Project files

Tenrox Project Planning Features:

Project Planning

PWBS Gantt Chart
Graphically draw the project plan and include any task dependencies, by visually adjusting task durations and priorities, and by linking tasks to each other.

Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) Chart Resource Assignment
Import project teams and assign resources to tasks. RBS Chart shows the resources and their task lists for resource assignment and planning.

Earned Value Report Budget and Status Reports Cost and Revenue Reports
View real-time project earned value, project status, budget, and cost/revenue reports. The reports can be configured to include your specific project tracking metrics.

Project Plan is integrated with Tenrox Workforce and Project Management Software. Create a plan, build project teams, assign resources and track progress with the Time and Expense Tracking module. View planned versus actual work at any time.