Tenrox Reporting & Analytics Software

Variety of reporting formats and dashboards:
Thanks to our flexible platform and graphical interface, your Tenrox solution is easily mapped to your organization and work breakdown structures. This allows you to analyze cost and revenue to a more informative level of detail. Business units, teams, groups, sites, projects, tasks, phases. Whatever you track, Tenrox will analyze. Data can be displayed in a variety of formats including static reports, pivot tables, graphs and charts. Rolling up and consolidating data into drillable executive dashboards.

Hundreds of canned reports, graphs and dashboard templates to get you started:
Our 10th generation solution ships with an extensive collection of canned reports and dashboard templates. Continuous research and customer interviews have allowed us to build powerful and configurable reporting capabilities into our core solution. Your report writing efforts are minimized if not eliminated, with the wide range of reports that are available out of the box. We understand what reports you need and we understand how important it is to have these when you are ready to go live. Implement the Tenrox Analytics module today to help you make faster, more informed Business decisions.

Actionable intelligence for every role:
Our OLAP-based analytics help management understand resource availability, allocations, forecasts, operational variances, and human capital utilization across the organization, at granular levels such as by business unit, workgroup, or resource type and more.

On a more tactical level, being able to map the solution to your organizational structure allows for automatic routing of data, through workflows, for approvals, rejections, and reviews. If you change a manager in a department, for example, just change the name on our graphical interface, and the workflow adjusts automatically. Timesheets, expense reports, and other documents will automatically be re-routed to the new manager.