iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc for Webinars

Hold large-scale events at a small price.
You need to get your message out to a lot of people, from many different locations. How do you do that without breaking the bank? Use iLinc webinar services to clearly deliver your message for large-scale web events without the overhead of a location, travel and other costs.

A successful business or training webinar requires some upfront work: set up the registration, customize and personalize the e-mail messages, plan your follow-up actions, prep the online room and more. With iLinc's Communications Center inside iLinc for Webinars, you can do all this when you are configuring your webinar:

Enable Registration
Configure public registration for your webinars. A single link can send anyone to that event's specific registration page.

Webinar Follow-Up
Increase response from your target market by getting back in touch with your webinar attendees with pre-planned follow-up emails that can contain a link to the recording.

Online Room Setup
Upload content, customize the in-session room layout, locate assistants and more to build the room to your specifications.

Survey the Audience
Gather feedback from the audience by launching polls or surveys. Either can be created ahead of time or on the fly.

Assist your Audience
Using Assistants in your online meeting can keep your event on track. Assistants can respond to chat or help out anyone from the audience.

Audience Participation
Monitor your audience to help your presentation flow. If people become distracted during a live webinar you may want to increase your pace or ask for some instant feedback.

Need to save your webinar session to drive leads from future marketing campaigns? Want to keep a record of what was presented as a resource to you and your audience? In-session recording with iLinc allows you to do just that. Record the online webinar session, put it back into the Communications Center and use it as you need it.

iLinc also includes an Editor that can be used to cut out distracting noises or pauses in the virtual presentation, add in bookmarks to specific areas, or slice the presentation into a few smaller presentations. iLinc puts full service event management in your hands.