iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc for Training

Save time and money with virtual classroom training programs
Training in a classroom isn't always cost-efficient, especially when you have a distributed network of students (corporate or higher education). Using iLinc, many organizations have expanded the scope of their training initiatives by leveraging web conferencing technology to deliver live, online classes.

Take the classroom virtual to increase reach and effectiveness

Whether you need to deliver a one-time class, hands-on labs, or you run classes every day for a few months, iLinc's core technology is flexible to your needs.

Scheduling sessions, enabling public registration, building an online catalog of courses, posting on-demand recordings of previous sessions, and more can be managed by the LMS features of the Communications Center.
During your online session, you can present and manage the flow of your content using:

Participation Tools
Get a quick glimpse of the state of your students through iLinc's Participation Meter, Hand Raise, Polling, Instant Feedback, online Chat and other features.

Demonstrate a key concept by sharing your full desktop, a specific application or a region of your desktop.

LMS Functionality
Integrate with industry-leading LMS or use built-in tracking and powerful reporting included with the system.

Breakout Groups
Break the class into smaller sessions, allowing students to collaborate on an assignment and then share with the entire class.

Interactive Whiteboard
Make notes, draw graphics, and import images on PowerPoint slides or a blank whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

Multi-person Video
Stream an unlimited number of videos or pictures simultaneously for all participants.

Instead of sharing, take everyone to a web page and let them browse at their own pace. They will see any changes to the page that you make.

When training on any topic or concept, your students may ask what materials or resources will be available after the class for their review. The iLinc Recorder enables you to quickly record any session you lead, without having to have extra hardware.

Connect instantly to the teleconference bridge or grab the VoIP audio from the session. You can then make the recordings available to those that attended your virtual classroom or to anyone that missed it. That way you still reach everyone with the same information.