iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc for Support

Deliver powerful customer service and support remotely with iLinc for Support.
Customers need your help to troubleshoot a problem? Dramatically decrease the time it takes to resolve a caller's dilemma by seeing it immediately through iLinc for Support. Remote desktop sharing means you can see what you customer is doing and troubleshoot with them, instead of flying blind. iLinc uses established industry-standard security protocols (SSL & AES), which eliminate technical concerns by effectively navigating complex network or firewall environments.

By reducing the time it takes to get something fixed, you can get your customers on their way to nirvana—happy with the product they bought and use. Easily get to the bottom of the issue by seeing it first hand, instead of relying on screen shots or a verbal description.
Using iLinc for your customer support you can:

Control Remote Machines
Support professionals can remotely drive any Windows or Mac machine across any network connection.

Enable Easy Access
Put a link on your website to a support room, or send emails with a direct link. Any way you choose, customers get in quickly and easily without plug-ins or add-ons.

Record Support Sessions
Build your own internal training tools by archiving online support sessions held with real-world customer experiences.

Gain Knowledge of Success
Gain access to metrics for time-to-resolution, session length and customer satisfaction through online surveys and other tools.

Manage a Queue of Callers
The Waiting List can be used to manage the people calling in for support. Know how long people have been waiting and bring on more technicians if you see a backlog.

Share from Your Own Desktop
Support professionals can share out their own desktops to demonstrate a task or function of the product your customers are using.

The flexible feature set of iLinc makes it possible to help customers in real time, allowing your support professionals or technicians to support multiple users at once or bring in an assistant technician. With personalized features such as picture ID, chat, and interactive whiteboards, iLinc delivers a level of interaction that simply cannot be matched by telephone or email communication.