iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Enterprise Suite

Does your organization need to hold online meetings, run virtual classrooms, host webinars and operate remote support rooms? iLinc's web conferencing and collaboration technology is super flexible and enables you to have a single site through which you can manage all your online sessions no matter the type or the size. Just one URL for your iLinc site and you are off and running.

With an Enterprise Suite, you get web based Meetings, Learning, Webinars, and Support included for each license. Your User Administrator can control who can schedule and lead any type of virtual meeting from your single iLinc site. By assigning permissions and adjusting default settings, you can completely configure the setup and usability of the iLinc software for managing sessions and users, as well as when any person is in an iLinc session.

Whether you need to lead an online meeting, create your monthly training calendar, allow people to register for your webinars, or provide remote support, you need a way to manage all that information (the session details, content and people).
iLinc's Communications Center is a web management console through which you can:

Manage Online Classes
Use the Learning Management System (LMS) functionality of the Communications Center to fully manage your online classes, content, and students.

Report on Usage
See how much people are using iLinc from a variety of reports. Report on sessions, content storage, user information, and your site's Green Meter savings.

Extend your Organization's Brand
Make iLinc look like your organization's brand (colors, logo). Upload your logo or build a full page header, take advantage of the built in themes or create your own, and so much more.

Track Green Meter
Each time you visit the site, you get an updated amount of CO2 emissions, travel or money you've saved by using iLinc.

The Communications Center was built on an LMS core, giving you a variety of features that are available in many of the LMS applications on the market today: graded assessments, content library, online catalog of classes, on-demand recorded trainings, and more.