iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

iLinc Web and Video Conferencing

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Using iLinc for Sales
As a sales professional, your success depends on the relationships you build with your customers and prospects. The combination of iLinc and is the perfect one-two punch for interacting with clients and staying on top of where you are in the sales cycle, which equals more money. And isn't that what everyone wants to get?

Schedule Meetings: invite any lead or contact in to join you in an iLinc meeting when you are creating your email in Salesforce.
Get Usage Details: When your existing contacts join sessions, iLinc automatically adds information into the Activity History so that you can know when they joined (or didn't) and how long they stayed. Follow up intelligently with those people immediately after any session to which they are invited.

Using iLinc for Lead Generation
Any well-managed webinar has a variety of tasks and steps to be successful: send invitations, reminders, deliver the event, follow up with people that did and did not attend, deal with the recording, and more. On top of that, you'll have to get those people that did attend back into your CRM. Not with iLinc—all leads and activity of those contacts are immediately synced back to

Get Leads for New People: You send out your webinar emails. John Smith gets it and reads it. John thinks Mary Connolly should go to. John forwards the email to Mary. Mary registers. You get a new lead immediately into Salesforce for Mary who wasn't in the system before.
Attach iLinc Sessions to Campaigns: When scheduling your online session, you can pick from a list of Salesforce campaigns in iLinc. Any activity on that session will then feed back to and sync up with Salesforce so you don't have to hunt around for the information.