Wondering Ardor

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ISBN: 978-0-615-25497-5

Poetry does not have to be stuffy and boring: just as live does not have to be routine or mundane.

Wondering Ardor is a romp through a playground of poetry where life is not always so boring and the day holds whatever one’s imagination can think up.

Wondering Ardor is not marred by mundane melancholy musings or lofty laments of love. Rather, these poems frolic in the fun field of imagination and lives on the lighter side of life.

The readers are invited into a private world where the author's thoughts, daydreams and fears mingle under a sky created by her mind’s whim.

Wondering Ardor is comprised of a collection of poems that seeks out the fun moments in life, expresses sarcasm and satire and traverses in the tides of her thoughts.

The author takes readers places where they can “Rock the Hospital”, witness a woman’s last thought as she makes her way down the wedding aisle and attend the marriage of rock and classical music. In her poem, “What Will This Day Bring?” she daydreams about the myriad of possibilities one day can hold.