The Basics of Christianity

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ISBN: 978-0-983-32238-2

Life may look uncertain, but there are things you can control. Not the least of which is yourself. Tracy C. Taylor knows how to build a strong foundation to an almost stress-free life. Her new book, Fundamentals of Christianity (now available through, is a brick by brick, story by story, revelation of the basic ideas to improve your life.

Taylor lists the basic fundamentals: The Lord’s Prayer, The 23rd Psalms, The Ten Commandants, The B Attitudes and much much more. By following these basic principles, the everyday problems we face may not stress us out so much; therefore, relieving some of the pressures of life.

Fundamentals of Christianity also has a collection of short stories that are entertaining as well as instructional. The Treasure Hunt is a delightful story sharing with us that not all treasure is silver and gold. Derrick the Dumb Squirrel reveals to us the dangers of letting others push us into doing things we know is wrong. And the Box Puppy opens up a world of positive possibilities when we take time to help and share our lives with others.

Fundamentals of Christianity is more than just a book. It is an example of all the great possibilities and adventures life holds if one looks around with an open mind, a smile on their face and a little love in their heart.