Caroma Bondi 270 Easy Height Elongated Toilet (Two-Piece)

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Caroma has excelled in the creation of the High-Efficiency Toilet (HET). By employing a dual flush mechanism, the user is able to select a full flush (1.6gpf) or a half flush (0.8gpf). The half flush is capable of flushing all liquid waste and even small solid waste. The full flush is only required for large solid waste. Since the average use only requires a half flush to dispose of waste 80% of the time, the average water consumption of these toilets is less than 1 gallon per flush. In order for this technology to work optimally, the bowl has been redesigned and larger trap is used. The new 4 inch trap (versus 2.25 inch in standard toilets) allows waste to easily be pushed down with less water. This larger trapway will virtually eliminate clogs caused by excessive paper waste in the bowl. Caroma has truly married high-efficiency and high-performance in their toilet product line.