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AQUAPRIME High pH Primer

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AQUAPRIME is a white pigmented, high performance 100% acrylic, water based, multi-surface sandable primer. It is suitable for concrete, masonry, metal, galvanized, steel, plastic, wallboard, wood, plaster, stucco and previously painted surfaces.
Interior/Exterior, Horizontal/Vertical Application
USDA approved
High hide stain blocking primer
Primer over stucco with pH over 14
Primer over tilt-up with pH over 14
May be applied to green stucco or concrete
May be applied to dry or damp surfaces
Excellent resistance to mold and mildew
Excellent resistance to efflorescence and erosion
Cohesively binds chalky surfaces
DTM Primer, ABS, PVC, Plastics
Drywall, plaster, wood & stains
Concrete and masonry walls and floors
Primer over glossy or flat latex paint
Water clean-up
Low to No Odor
Spray, Brush, or Roll On