H264 Full HD 1080P Video PC graphics Server Decoder

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The ANT-32000 is a High Definition H.264 video and audio CODEC that can be used in several ways. Offering Full HD video and audio encode decode and full duplex mode this is an industry first!
Firstly it can be used as al High Definition (HD) IP video server where video and audio sources are connected to it and the unit is connected to a network. Any PC that can reach it over the network can view the HD Video, listen to the audio and access all of its control features either using the supplied CMS (Central Management Software) or via a browser.
Secondly two units can be set up as an encoder / decoder pair. The signals (HDMI video, audio & control) arriving at the encoder will be decoded by the decoder. This is ideal for transmitting high quality video between 2 points in a building which has already had a network installed or between remote locations which are connected to the internet. Each unit can act as both an encoder and decoder allowing a 2 way video / audio link.
Finally the unit can be used as a decoder paired with any of the H.264 static cameras or the range of H.264 speed dome cameras sold by Antrica.
When used as an encoder or server the unit features a USB port allowing the attachement of a USB flash drive for local recording. The ANT32000 can record locally on loss of network, detected movement or on a local signal. Video can be pre-recorded before the event and can be retrieved remotely via a browser.