Logo Design

Why do you need a Logo Design & Brand Identity?
This is where it all starts...your logo.
It's the first step in creating a brand identity to represent your company and your brand representing your Web Site, Business Cards, Letterheads, Advertisements and more.
"The average American sees 16,000 advertisements, logos, and labels in a day", said Dharma Singh, M.D, in his book "Brain Longevity".
You might or might not notice it, but from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, you are bombarded by logos and brand identities. You wake up, stretch, your eyes adjust as you make your way to the bathroom to find Kohler, Colgate, Listorine, Johnson & Johnson, Irish Spring, Head & Shoulders, Bed Bath & Beyond, Arm & Hammer, Old Spice, Gillete, Dove, Lacoste, and you haven't even put on your name brand cloths yet. I think you get the point of how crucial a logo is to a company's brand identity. They're everywhere you look, and someone might be looking at yours.
A great Logo Design can make or break how others view your company. It shows your potential clients that you put time and effort in creating a company that will provide that same time and effort into the services or products that you could provide to them.