New Generations Learning Center

Pre School Program

Price: $270.00
Preschool - 2 1/2 yrs to 5yrs

Our Preschool Program is unique offering a full day of academics in a fun environment. Large group activities are popular with this age group. This is the age where your child's social awareness is at its best. Our Preschool Program will encourage respect for self and others. Academics will be experienced through math, literature, writing, listening skills, geography, culture, science experiments and historical concepts. Our Preschool Program will follow the Kindergarten Readiness Program as dictated by the State of California and will be in line with the Scripps Ranch Elementary Schools. Our Program will prepare your children to be successful and excel in the school environment. Our Preschool Program will offer enrichment programs such as Music & Movement, Dance & Dance Appreciation, Art, as well as an Introduction to various Sports. NEW *** Our program features Tray Tasking as an amazing way to help your child with Pre-Reading, Pre-Math, Communication and Problem Solving Skills! Ask us about this amazing program!