Wine Storage


Collectors, restaurateurs and individuals alike, Amazing Spaces can take care of all your wine storage needs for the years and vintages to come!
Amazing Spaces is proud to offer individual wine storage vaults. Our extensive research into the wine business has provided us with the platform upon which our wine storage rooms have been built to satisfy the wine lover in all of us. Wine has been carefully stored for generations but with the help of current technology, our customers can rest assured their wine will taste great in the years to come. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in proper wine storage in Houston and can help you select the appropriate wine vault for your needs.
At Amazing Spaces, we understand the wine storage industry. Our individual wine storage vaults were professionally designed with you in mind. Each storage in Houston space was developed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to meet the highest standard for wine preservation. Just step inside our wine room and you will find a secure and beautiful place to store your wine.

Access Keypad Entry & Camera Surveillance
Temperature Maintained between 50 and 58°F
Humidity Maintained between 55 and 80%
Fail-Safe Mechanical Support Including Dual Cooling System
9 Different Sizes from which to choose

* Some features vary depending on location


All of our wine vaults are based on case size; except for our two largest sizes, listed below by dimensions. For example, a 4 case vault will hold 4 cases of wine, provided they are in their original boxes or crates. Placing shelving in the storage space may reduce the numbers of cases that can be accommodated. If you need exact dimensions, please call and speak to one of our associates. You will be satisfied with our climate controlled self storage units!

Vault Sizes

4 Case -- 24"x24"x20"
10 Case -- 24"x36"x20"
20 Case -- 24"x36"x40"
36 Case -- 24"x36"x66"
48 Case -- 24"x36"x88"