Turn-key Construction

Our construction services division offers professional installations and decommissions.

Lattice Communications offers you a comprehensive, turnkey solution to all of your construction needs. We mobilize both our on-site staffand draw from our pool of experienced, knowledgeable contractors to act as youreyes and ears throughout the project – interacting closely with the projectteam from pre-construction through to completion.

We’ll walk you through the process ateach step, including:

Project scheduling – Our scheduling process is designed to enable flexibility and encourage communication. Our schedules are highly accurate in projecting durations and extremely detailed in the amount of information we provide to the project team. This means a highly efficient process that keeps everyone on task, on schedule, and in compliance.
Material & equipment procurement – Lattice employs an efficient material and equipment procurement strategy to minimize lead time, reduce cost and ensure that everything that is needed for the completion of the project is in hand prior to the beginning of the construction phase.
Quality assurance – We use an integrated approach to quality that begins in the earliest phases of the project and lasts all the way through past its completion. From our rigorous inspection of each and every piece of equipment we sell through to post-construction walk-throughs, we’re committed to ensuring that you receive only the highest quality product site audits.
Commissioning – Lattice fully integrates the owner’s commissioning process into the project. We conduct training sessions with staff and users on the operation of all systems to ensure proper system operation and maintenance.

The Lattice difference isour ability to confidently interpret and deliver results on a consistent basis.Our passion for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of themost progressive and accurate installation processes in our industry.