Decommission Services

Decommissioning your cell site can be serious business. The sheermagnitude of the project means you have to rely on many different people fromnumerous places to accomplish multiple tasks accurately and within state andfederal guidelines.
Lattice Communications streamlines the process by giving you allthe services you need to complete your decommission under one roof. From celltowers and shelters to generators and fencing, we can help you complete yourdecommission at less cost and faster than ever before.

Lattice Communications capable crews can remove cell towers,shelters, generators and fencing from any site. Lattice can make the sitedecommission a turnkey project. Once you hire us to decommission a site, wewill handle everything from project management to the logistics of hiringcranes and trucks to haul the equipment from the site.

We offer a variety of decommissionservices, including:

Site analysis
Full-service, end to end project management
Equipment demolition, removal and disposal
Full compliance with local, state and federal guidelines and regulations
Asset Remarketing
Transportation and warehousing
And more!

Lattice Communications is capableof conducting your decommission work in any of the contiguous 48 states of theUSA and in portions of Canada. Whether you need to decommission one specificsite or hundreds of cells, Lattice’s team of trained professionals can help youmanage the process better, faster and more comprehensively than ever before!

Site Analysis
Full-service, end to end project management
Equipment Demolition, removal and disposal
Asset Remarking