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AG Investigations offers comprehensive investigative services in all areas listed below. Experience is important, and our clients can be assured that we have highly-trained investigators who have passed our rigorous in-house training program. Our investigation team includes former federal special agents, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and dedicated career investigators. We also ensure full compliance with the local and state laws while operating. We understand that we all must mitigate risk; insurance isn’t enough in today’s ever changing world. Compliance is our biggest asset in mitigating the risks of conducting surveillance, statements and other services. AG Investigations is capable to provide you with the following services, while maintaining compliance, integrity, and the highest level of ethical practices:

Surveillance/Video Surveillance (filmed in HD)
Worker’s Compensation
Activity Checks
Asset Search
Claims Investigations
Building Damage Claims
Death Investigations
Background Investigations
Pre-Employment Background Screening
Court Record Searches
Skip Trace/Locates
Special Investigations
Undercover Investigations
LOCUS Investigations
Process Serving