MobilDrTech, Inc.

PCP-SSP In-Band Telemedicine Stethoscope Software - For Use with PCP-USB Stethoscope Only

Price: $165.00
PCP-SSP - Single User Software License - Perpetual Use - No Recurring Fees

In-Band Solution
Simple, Easy to Use Interface - No Technical Training Required
Integrates into Audio Channel of Existing Video Conference Platform at Stethoscope Location
Software Installation at Patient Site Only – Transmit to Any Physician over Video Conference Connection - No Physician Software or Training
Provides 5 Frequency Filters for Listening at Various Body Sites (Heart, Lungs, Carotids, etc.)
Mutes Room Mic when Stethoscope in Use
Allows for Local Listening by Nurse or Tech at Patient Site
Windows OS Required at Patient Site
Designed for use with PCP-USB Stethoscope Only
FDA Approved for Telemedicine with PCP-USB Stethoscope
Cost $165 / License / Stethoscope - No Recurring Fees or Charges