Valley Networks

Business Continuity

System Disasters, Natural Disasters, Human Error

What if we were to tell you that with a Business Continuity plan if someone were to take a sledgehammer to your server, we could have everyone back to work in under an hour? It’s true.

The industry has evolved from simple file backup to disaster recovery, and now makes possible Business Continuity. Devices take perpetual snapshots of your server hard drives and store them both on a local device and in the cloud.

Throughout the day, these images are then booted on a virtual machine in the cloud, to make sure they’re ready for action. In the event of a server failure, we simply redirect your workstations to the virtual copy of your server in the cloud and everyone is immediately back to work.

Pretty amazing, right?
And multiple layers of these images are stored for retrieval. Hit by ransomware and the last captured image is also infected? No problem, simply boot the one before that. Or the one before that.

Of course, standard backup and file retrieval functionality is built-in.
If you think you might be ready for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your IT operations will always be available no matter what, give us a call.