Termite Treatments

Pro Pest Control Sydney offers a variety of live termite treatment options. Termites can do catastrophic damage to timber-framed homes if they go undiscovered. They pose a major threat to all residents of Sydney. Our pest control and termite treatment services ensure that your house is safe throughout the year.

Pro Pest Control employs a three-phase termite treatment strategy.

Inspection - We do a thorough inspection to look for termite signs. Thermal imaging and moitsutr detection techniques are used in inspections.
Treatment - Existing active termites are exterminated and removed. Termidor is used to quickly eliminate termite infestations.
Protection - We provide a variety of proactive ways for controlling termites and preventing further damage.

If we discover live termites, we will apply chemicals directly to the active infestation. To effectively eradicate the nest, we use termite-killing solutions like Termidor. It's vital to remember that after a termite infestation is discovered, some damage will almost always occur. Without regular termite treatment and annual inspections from a professional pest control company, it's very difficult to become termite-free once the house has been infested.