Pest Inspections

A pest inspection is critical if you are purchasing a home or already own one. All domestic and commercial property owners can benefit from our comprehensive inspection services. An inspection for pests involves a thorough visual investigation. A licenced timber pest inspector conducts the inspection. They look for evidence of infestation or damage in a home or business. They can cause catastrophic structural damage if not discovered early enough. White ants, termites, wood borers, and other timber pests are among the pests that our inspectors search for.

For more than ten years, the experts at Pro Pest Control Gold Coast have been inspecting homes and businesses. The Queensland Health Department has fully licensed, accredited, and insured us.

Our procedure is thorough and extensive. We'll inspect every inch of your property, leaving no stone unturned.

Termites, decay, wood rot, mould, and fungus are just a few of the pests and infestations covered in our thorough studies. Inspections are carried out utilising high-tech equipment such as moisture metres, thermal imaging cameras, and high-resolution digital cameras, in addition to visual assessments.