The Resiliency Initiative

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Consulting

• Crisis Management Consulting, Planning and Operations
• Exercise Design and Facilitation
• Executive and Employee Emergency Management Training
• Security and Emergency Operations Center Program Design
• Threat and Risk Assessment
• Crisis Communications/Public Information Officer Training
• Business Continuity Planning

• Over 200 cumulative years of emergency/crisis management experience spanning across all sectors: FBI, FEMA, the Federal Reserve, the US Military, Walmart, Disney, UCLA, the American Red Cross and Save the Children US.
• Real world crisis leadership experience for the US’ largest disasters: Covid-19, 2020 domestic civil unrest, 2017-2021 West Coast fires; Hurricanes Ida, Maria, Irma, Harvey, Katrina; the Deepwater
Horizon oil spill; H1N1; 9/11 and the Northridge Earthquake.
• Global philanthropic investments and board service to support community resiliency on a micro and macro level.