Website Marketing Services

Intuitive Marketing Technology™

Most of the websites on the Internet today feature what is known as "dead content" or "static content". This means that the information that was seen on the site yesterday is the same information seen today. Many large companies have incriminating website footnotes that inform the user when the site was last updated. Quite often this date can be many months old.

Research has shown that when people come to a website and find the same information they found on their last visit, they are unlikely to ever return. People want fresh information! Since the invention of the printing press, human beings have had an expectation of receiving new information every day. People don't read last week's newspaper or even yesterday's newspaper. They want today's news. The Internet can serve up fresh information that is refreshed every second; providing each user with a unique and personalized experience. Ironically, most companies treat their website like it is content etched on stone tablets. It never changes.

WSI has invested heavily in the development of its Smart Site Technology. This technology, which utilizes the latest in database technologies, makes it possible for websites to serve up personalized content that is customized for each user. It also provides continually changing website content that keeps users coming back. This can be experienced on our own corporate website ( pressing the reload or refresh button. This makes the WSI site think the surfer has left and returned again. It will immediately serve up new content.

Compressed Media

While most companies see the need for a website, very few understand that the Internet is the television and radio broadcasting medium of the future. In fact, online video is expected to become the fastest growing segment of the Internet in the very near future. Whether a company wants to put their corporate video online, or use their website as a medium to broadcast their television or radio commercials, there are many technological factors to take into consideration. WSI provides its customers with the latest technologies in this rapidly expanding arena. Delivering the latest in media broadcasting, WSI specializes in the compression of moving media for web-based applications – providing clients with complete turnkey solutions for digitizing video and audio content and making this content available to the world over the Internet.

Fast Track Flash

One of the technologies that is paving the way for multimedia broadcasting on the Internet is Flash. By utilizing vector-based graphics, it is possible to deliver full screen television-like content, in real time.

Many companies use Flash technology to strengthen their brand, as is the case with the Coca-Cola website. Other companies utilize this technology to create excitement for a product, as is the case with Volkswagen or BMW. Other companies use it in an integrated fashion such as is found at the top of WSI's home page (

By applying the principles of WSI's modular development technology, WSI is able to deliver highly advanced flash applications at a fraction of the cost and development time required by other development companies. Furthermore, by utilizing WSI's data compression processes, these multimedia experiences can be delivered to end users through conventional dial up Internet connectivity.

Stealth Profiling™

How much do you really know about your customers? What if there was a way to define your customers' psycho graphic profiles without resorting to expensive focus groups or market analysis? This is now possible with WSI's exclusive Stealth Profiling™. By actually analyzing the websites that your customers visit after they leave your website, you can learn more about who they are, what their interests are and how you can better serve and profit from them.

SmartMail™ System

Email is increasingly become one of the most important business tools companies have to improve customer service and efficiencies. It is expected there will be 36 billion person-to-person emails sent daily by 2005 (according to International Data Corporation). But like any powerful tool, if used incorrectly, it can cause great damage. For example, vast amounts of private data can be emailed out of a company at the press of a key, leaving no hard evidence behind. By analyzing email data streams, the SmartMail™ System allows companies to monitor their employee email to:

- Ensure the proper routing of emails based on keywords within the content
- Monitor competitive activities or potential corporate espionage within the company
- Maintain and expand customer service levels
- Minimize productivity loss through inappropriate email use