Internet Consulting Services

Business leaders today are aware of the changing world of technology around them, and are quickly realizing that strategic implementation of technology can elevate their business' success and profitability through an effective e-business architecture.

Business to Business E-commerce

The area where the Internet will have the greatest impact will be in the area of e-business. According to the Gartner Group, e-business or Business-to-Business e-commerce (B2B e-commerce) will grow from US $433 billion in 2000, to over US $8.5 trillion in 2005.

Business Process Automation

While most businesses look at the Internet as an opportunity to expand their sales through traditional e-commerce, few are aware of the Internet's hidden opportunity of expense reduction. As large as the potential of e-commerce is, the opportunity to increase a company's profitability through reducing expenses is 700% greater. WSI has a broad range of solutions to help companies capitalize on these opportunities. Through its patent-pending Lifecycle system, WSI can identify the common tasks that are done by people within an organization. The principles of "Business Process Automation" can then be applied to ensure many of these tasks are done better and less expensively utilizing the Internet.