Search Engine Optimization

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) represents the most significant method of generating site traffic for clients. Millions of people all over the world use search engines every day as their favored method of finding what they are looking for. Where a company is ranked within the various search engines can generate thousands or even millions of dollars each year in terms of bottom line profits.

In order to ensure that its Internet Consultants are on the leading edge of this continually evolving science, WSI has created the SEO Institute. This e-learning institute contains the business intelligence necessary for WSI’s Internet Consultants to become elite experts in the field of SEO. Each WSI Internet Consultant also has access to an array of SEO experts in the Virtual Private Marketplace, each with proven SEO track records.

In addition to the science of SEO, in the “Launch” phase of WSI’s Internet Solutions Lifecycle, WSI Internet Consultants deploy their client's website in a way that will automatically bring them as close as possible to the top of the list on many search engine inquiries. This in itself is worth thousands of dollars to the WSI client.

Once the necessary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Launch technology is deployed in a client website, it is essential to ensure that the client’s competition doesn’t steal this intelligence. WSI can prevent competitors from copying the critical programming elements responsible for this high search engine positioning.

By utilizing specialized processes referred to as Phantom Scripting™, WSI can protect their client’s competitive advantage. This process leverages off specialized server software and hardware to hide the site’s programming code. When a viewer tries to look at the programming code of any website that uses this technology, they are unable to see the true elements that make the site tick from a search engine perspective. As such, the WSI client is protected from losing the competitive advantage provided by his/her website.