Direct Internet Marketing Services

The Internet has added a new dimension to the field of direct marketing. Traditionally, direct marketers pay premium prices to acquire mailing lists of targeted prospects. In addition to the cost of renting the list (which is usually limited to a single mailing), the marketer must also invest extensively in envelopes, printing, postage and other hard costs.

The Internet has changed all of this! WSI utilizes its own proprietary Advanced Targeted Marketing Technology™ (ATMT) system in order to build specialized email databases for its clients. This system allows clients to collect prospect information from the Internet, including email addresses and demographic and psycho graphic information. Clients can then use this system to communicate with groups of individuals based on where they are from (city, region, country etc.) and what their interests are.

The exciting reality of Internet marketing lies in its ability to reach tens of thousands of people with absolutely no hard cost investment. If the marketer chooses to embark on a “wave marketing” campaign, which involves contacting the same clients multiple times, this can be achieved at no incremental cost. Once the email database has been built there is no cost associated with the sending of email, regardless of the number of recipients.