Inter-Tel Technologies

Connection Assistant®

Connection Assistant software is a Collaboration and Presence tool designed for general business use. This application links workgroup members to each other, as well as to their desktop resources. Associates can receive convenient screen pops of applications, key customer information and frequently-used Web applications. Using a flexible rules-based system, your team members can assign actions to specific events occurring at their extensions. In doing so, calls can be diverted to a particular person, department or voice mail. Or, users can create rules to automatically play a sound file or open a Web page for important calls and much more. Additionally, team members can transfer conversation notes with inbound, external calls and view their fellow co-workers' availability status.

Improving Business Processes
- Automate call handling without involving the company telecom manager

- Reduce the time associated with manually looking up contact information and opening applications

- Facilitate personalized customer service

- Provide quick and easy call handling with the click of a mouse

- Enhance group synergy by connecting team members to each other for efficient collaboration

- Identify abandoned calls or quickly return missed calls