Inter-Tel Technologies

Computer Telephony Products

Inter-Tel offers products that allow you to enhance your call center to improve customer service, increase productivity and create more efficient handling of calls by integrating telephone and computer functions. Additionally, our vendor offerings include call center and help desk accessories such as monitors and electronic wallboard displays.

CTS (Computer Telephony Solutions) OAISYS offers a complete line of computer telephony software and hardware products including Desktop CTI Agent Software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Logging and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Call Reporting. CTS is well positioned to deliver solutions that meet call center and similar application needs.

Dialogic® offers voice processing boards used primarily with CTS computer telephony applications. Several other Dialogic boards are also available as replacement parts or for use with other third-party computer telephony and voice processing software applications.

ELO® manufacturers a series of touch-screen computer monitors and associated software. The monitors can be used in various computer telephony applications. They also provide an effective way to enhance the Inter-Tel Attendant Console software application.

Inter-Tel AgentSet is a desktop CTI voice terminal endpoint specifically designed for an ACD/call center environment. It is a compact hardware peripheral that works in conjunction with OAI Interfaces and a PC's COM port to provide a cost effective and efficient headset for CTI call handling. AgentSets can replace ACD agents’ desktop telephones.

Spectrum Corporation manufactures a wide range of electronic wallboards used in the call center and help desk environments. Single and multiline wallboards are capable of displaying color-coded, real-time ACD information as well as informative and motivational messages. Inter-Tel offers a complete line of Spectrum electronic wallboards and software.