Inter-Tel Technologies

Conferencing Services

Inter-Tel NetSolutions® offers a variety of audio, video and Web conferencing options that enable fast, flexible communications—saving time, increasing productivity and enhancing the collaborative environment. Additionally, Inter-Tel conferencing solutions provide maximum flexibility with no capital investment on your part.

Inter-Tel offers a wide range of services to customize your audioconferencing experience with operator assistance or recording and archiving services. Services include AnyTime Audioconferencing, Meet Me Coordinator-Assisted Conferencing and Dial Out Operator-Assisted Conferencing.

Host broadcast seminars, meet with satellite offices, hold live press conferences, stream recorded content and do business in new and creative ways. Connect using either Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN long distance services or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN services from NetSolutions. These two connectivity tools allow your enterprise to save on travel expenses and maximize employee productivity by enabling face-to-face meetings between geographically dispersed offices.

Web Conferencing
Web conferencing lets you broadcast your conference live to an unlimited number of geographically dispersed participants using the Internet, while delivering a rich visual presentation. You can maximize the flow of information via the Internet in conjunction with traditional audioconferencing services or with VoIP audio included over the same connection with certain services. Three Web conferencing options with unique features are available including Meet Me Web Conferencing, WebExTM and Microsoft® Live Meeting.