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Data Transport Services

Inter-Tel offers a complete suite of data services through our Inter-Tel DataNet and Network Services divisions, that include dedicated access, local access, dial-up services, private networking and point-to-point networking. Services are available through a variety of transport options, including Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), DSL, Frame Relay, Internet access, Private Line and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to support your domestic and international data communications needs.

ATM Services
ATM provides high speed, reliability and security for data, video, voice and Internet communications to keep you connected, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, ATM allows you to consolidate different applications on a unified network platform that can achieve efficiencies related to the customer premise equipment, network requirements and administration of your communications services, while allowing scalability from the T-1 to the Optical Carrier Level.

Frame Relay
Frame Relay combines the dedicated speed and security of a private line with the reliability, flexibility and scalability of a high-speed network. It allows your geographically dispersed locations to exchange Internet, data, image and voice communications and enables hosted computing applications to perform at a high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Private Line
Inter-Tel offers Private Line services that protect your critical business traffic and provide exceptional reliability and accessibility. Private Line gives you the peace of mind that your internal business traffic is transmitted quickly and securely via an end-to-end private connection. This dedicated point-to-point connection ensures that your communications network is closed to any outside traffic or security risks, and that the maximum bandwidth is available between the connected end points.

Secure Virtual Private Network (SVPN) service from Inter-Tel Network Services’s NetSolutions® is a suite of cost effective, Wide Area Network (WAN) and security solutions for businesses of all sizes. It lets you configure high-performance, site-to-site, remote access and intranet/extranet solutions in a secure, standards-based environment, while combining the cost efficiencies of broadband Internet, the security of Private Line networks and the multipoint capabilities of Frame Relay networks.

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