Inter-Tel Technologies

Financial Solutions

As a part of Inter-Tel’s Managed Services program we offer access to a comprehensive financial program called TotalSolution that considers all the costs associated with the operation of your communications system and protects you from the risks and uncertainties associated with the ownership and management of advanced technology. You know exactly what it will cost you to maintain, operate and expand your system. And, these costs are fixed for up to eight years!

When your company is ready to acquire new communications systems, contact your local Inter-Tel office. Our representative will thoroughly analyze your needs—present and future—and provide your company with a full suite of products and services and a financial program designed specifically for you.

With the Managed Services TotalSolution Program you receive all of these benefits:

- Full service and warranty
- Guaranteed rates for expansion
- Upgrade & recast flexibility
- Free software upgrades
- Risk of loss coverage
- Disaster recovery options
- System training
- Discounted system relocation
- Guaranteed renewal options
- Single point of contact