Inter-Tel Technologies

Hosted Solutions

Inter-Tel NetSolutions® offers hosted solutions that ensure key communications are received no matter what the specific site’s network connectivity conditions are.

Hosted e-mail solutions are available for all sizes of enterprise customers. E-mail solutions can be deployed using both IMAP and POP3, and service includes Web mail access for connectivity through any Internet connection.

Imail is an enhanced hosted e-mail solution that includes rigorous antivirus capabilities that are both affordable and reliable. Imail provides protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horses that are often hidden in e-mails making them difficult for firewalls to detect. In addition, Imail provides spam filtering and quarantines all potential spam e-mail, based on user-defined variables. Imail instantaneously notifies the user of virus detection in order to keep dangerous viruses from crippling your corporate communications.