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Internet Services

Inter-Tel Internet access solutions can make connectivity headaches a thing of the past. By providing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), T-1 and broadband Internet connectivity, Inter-Tel NetSolutions® has a wide range of options that can help your company reduce costs, boost productivity and increase worker efficiency with broadband Internet access. Industry-leading service and carrier-neutral, Tier One offerings ensure fast, reliable and affordable high-speed Internet access services.

DSL Services
DSL services allow you to transfer large files quickly and easily while providing a reliable, always on, Internet connection. DSL service provides a high-capacity, high-performance dedicated digital information channel designed for Internet connectivity at up to 1.544 megabytes per second. Smaller enterprises and remote locations can take advantage of the higher speeds available without the additional expense in both network connectivity and customer premise equipment associated with traditional T-1 services.

T-1 options give you a private, secure and direct voice and data connection of up to 1.544 megabytes per second to other offices, locations or the Internet depending on how you choose to configure it. T-1 solutions available include dedicated long distance, dynamic T-1, flexible T-1, frame relay, Internet access, Primary Rate Interface ISDN, private line and Virtual Private Network services. Channels can be allocated per your business needs providing optimum reliability and scalability.

Flexible T-1
Flexible T-1 solutions allow you to combine dedicated long distance, dedicated Internet access and/or frame relay over a single T-1 to achieve improved economy by fully utilizing the transport services and customizing the bandwidth requirements to your unique needs.

Web Guardian
Web Guardian is the powerful answer to Internet content filtering for today’s corporate environment. It delivers the ultimate in control to ensure that inappropriate Internet content is not accessed in your enterprise environment and to eliminate any liability or lost productivity concerns. Web Guardian provides white list filtering to restrict Web access to specific URL addresses, and black list filtering for free Web surfing access except to specific URL addresses. Other features include time-of-day restrictions, allotted time-per-day restrictions, user-level rule specification and the ability to block the downloading of content by type.

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