Inter-Tel Technologies

Management and Monitoring

Inter-Tel’s Managed Network Services employs state-of-the-art network technology and tools to ensure that your network is performing at optimal levels. Our highly skilled staff provides 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and management to identify issues before they impede your connectivity and resolve out-of-service issues quickly to increase your network up time and reliability. For a low monthly fee, our team will provide your firm access to our Intelligent Network Operations Center (INOC) Web portal that provides real-time reporting for the circuits, routers and other components of your Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN).

Intelligent Network Operations Center (INOC)
INOC is a powerful resource to track key performance metrics across multiple transport options including Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), broadband Internet, frame relay, private line and Virtual Private Networks. INOC can be utilized to provide real-time responses to any potential network trouble or outages. INOC can also be used to monitor devices on your enterprise LAN, as well as WAN, including hubs, switches, servers, printers and PCs.

Fiber Optic Networks
For large enterprises and businesses requiring connectivity at the DS-3 level and above, Inter-Tel offers comprehensive design, implementation, coordination, monitoring and maintenance of fiber optic networks. Fiber optic networks enable real-time disaster recovery and business continuity, including options for alternate route protection and backbone redundancy.