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Voice Services

Inter-Tel Network Services NetSolutions® can deliver communication solutions offering flexibility and dependability to enhance the efficiency and overall effectiveness of your business communications. Voice services include dedicated and switched long distance, Primary Rate Interface, Local PRI and DigitaLink Local Services.

Dedicated Long Distance
For corporate headquarters, call centers and other enterprises with a large volume of long distance calls, Inter-Tel offers dedicated long distance service. By utilizing dedicated T-1 level and above to access facilities that are connected directly to the Tier One provider network, your company is able to bypass the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) network and achieve significantly lower costs per call while expanding your communications ability.

DigitaLink Local T-1 Services
DigitaLink local services—available in select markets—allow you to connect your phone system directly to the local telecommunications network central office over a T-1 connection. DigitaLink services feature direct inward dial and direct outward dial functions allowing you to intelligently route calls without the need for internal operator assistance or intervention. You simply assign specific external phone numbers to internal extensions in order to improve call handling and increase productivity.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Services
Send any combination of voice, image, video or data across town or around the world. Inter-Tel offers two versions of ISDN long distance service, Primary Rate Interface (T-1 level) and Basic Rate Interface (single line services). Based on international communications standards, ISDN technologies allow you to have fast, flexible, highly reliable and digitally clear communications services. BRI services use standard phone lines and advanced digital technology to move data at significantly higher speeds than traditional phone lines allow.

Primary Rate ISDN
Primary Rate service is a digital network connection that allows you to transmit voice, data, video and images—separately or simultaneously—over standard T-1s or fiber optic circuits via a standard interface. Inter-Tel’s long distance PRI solutions allow you significant cost benefits by bypassing the Local Exchange Carrier network and directly connecting with the Carrier backbone. Our local PRI services—available in limited areas—provide a direct connection to your local serving office and the ability for outside callers to direct dial internal employees, while bypassing the receptionist or central call handling function, improving your operating efficiency.

Single Line ISDN
Single Line ISDN uses advanced digital technology to move data at significantly higher speeds than standard phone lines by allowing multiple communications to travel simultaneously on a single line. BRI service is commonly used in videoconferencing and other dial-up data applications. Inter-Tel’s BRI ISDN long distance services provide a cost-effective solution for connecting locations in an on-demand dial-up environment without the fixed costs associated with dedicated, always-on services.

Switched Long Distance
For small offices, stores, branch offices, and other locations with low to moderate long distance volume, Inter-Tel offers switched long distance service. No special equipment is needed—just regular telephone lines and telephones, faxes or modems. You can use the same lines you have in place from your local telephone company to make or receive long distance calls. This solution requires no additional network infrastructure, equipment or fixed costs associated with other communications solutions.

Toll Free Services
Inter-Tel’s toll free services offer a powerful set of enhanced features including time-of-day routing, day-of-week routing, area code routing, percent-allocation routing over alternate carrier backbones and other call origination, termination and routing features.

Travel Cards
Provide travel cards for employees who need full-featured and economical “out-of-office” calling power. Travel cards offer world-class productivity features for travelers, mobile employees, or staff working from home or remote offices.

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