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Corporate Training Subscriptions

In Demand Training is proud to announce our new "In Demand - On Schedule" recurring training subscriptions!

These subscription based programs are pre-arranged Onsite training days for our corporate clients who want to schedule specific training on specific dates for their employees. We work with the owner/training manager to arrange for a specific "training series" and then schedule the dates in advance so that they can make it a corporate or departmental recurring training event.

Subscriptions are available in 3, 6, or 12 month increments and can include as many days as the client deems necessary, then the client is billed on a monthly basis for that months upcoming training. This helps spread the training out over several months and allows for a more accurate forecasting of the training investments for annual budgeting purposes.

Most of all this lets the employees know that their employer is serious about giving them additional skills to make them more successful at their job as well as increasing employee retention and reducing turnover.

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