Price: $300.00

The Individual EM Profile is a fully personalized, custom-designed multimedia presentation on a CD the size of a business card. 

It contains detailed information about your car and includes photos, text and video. It also contains animated graphics,interactive effects, personalized wallpapers and screensavers. 

The Individual EM Car Profile may be used in any situation where you need to attract attention and publicity for your car. If you are seeking sponsorship for your car, the EM Car Profile can be sent in place of a sponsorship application. It is a way to make your car stand our from the crowd and to let the potential sponsor know that you are serious about your car. 

*The "Profile" of the car including modifications, awards, magazine features, etc. 

*Up to 30 pictures 

*Up to 2 minutes of video 

*Personalized wallpapers, music, animated effects and interactive graphics 

*Full-color, photo quality labels with a vinyl cover