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Dynamic Website Design Dynamic SEO Friendly Website Design Features

Price: $1,999.00
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Website Design Basic Package

Dynamic Website Design  Package Starts as low as $1999

Free  Features :                             visit
1 year free web hosting + free pay per click coupon

Seolid provides dynamic website design using search engine friendly features to make your website easily crawlable by the search engine crawlers.
We design dynamic websites for big guys (AVIS Car Rental, Caterpillar) and small guys and anything in between.

Our dynamic website design solutions will set the foundation for better search engine rankings for your existing or new company or personal website, bring in more targeted leads that convert to sales and consequently higher profit for your online business.

Below are the main features of our basic dynamic website design, seo friendly website design  package for a single language website.

Main  Features :                            visit

* seo friendly urls (directory style)                                             
* maximum 50 pages                                                                 
* website can grow to unlimited number of pages                    
* website design package includes a Basic SEO plan
   (for details about our seo plans please visit  
* package includes 1 year free web hosting                             
* free ppc coupon on either Yahoo! Search Marketing              
   or Google Adwords                                                                 

Example Sites :                 

example of dynamic websites include the following  - Key Solutions - Golf Tees Etc  - Vioxx Class Action Suit

just to name a few

Custom Dynamic Website Design Package

Seolid offers different dynamic website design packages and also custom design for your new or existing website.
Custom packages include multilanguage websites and websites with members area. All dynamic websites designed by are HTML & CSS validated, optimized for content negotiation, spell checked and optimized for fast downloads.

The basic dynamic website design includes a free basic SEO plan for a 6 months SEO campaign.

The main features of the SEO plan included in the dynamic design plan includes;

SEO Plan  Features :       

* Keyword research for a maximum of 30 keywords           
* Competitive research for top 10 competitors                   
* Title,description & keyword tags optimization                  
* On page optimization (content,image alt tag etc)            
* Call-to-Action optimization                                               
* Landing page optimization                                              
* Website submission to general directories                     
* Website submission to specialty directories                   
* Resource page set up for link partnership                      
* Monthly Performance Report                                           
                ...and more

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